running list \\\ maybe this will help make me do it \\\ ALT TITLE: THE MOST BORING LIST I'VE EVER WRITTEN
  1. i need a headshot and i'd rather be shot in the head
    i need it for the sites i write for and panels and work shit. i hate having my photo taken especially with someone i don't know. ugh. but i get bugged about it all the time.
  2. new glasses
    i need someone with impeccable taste to go with me to tell me the honest truth. like not my mom or sister who just tell my face is fat (fyi, they both have to wear children's frames bc their faces are so narrow.)
  3. redoing my website
    this hasn't been done mostly because i don't know how to do what i want
  4. pulling my vinyl out of storage before they all warp and melt
  5. clearing out my stuff in storage in general
  6. get my hair fixed - WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME THAT IT'S REALLY UNEVEN?!