I'm throwing it out into the universe, because, why not? Also, this is just a running list for myself of things I want/need, not for someone to buy them for me. I'm not that greedy, yo.
  1. Leica Monochrom (Typ 246) - anyone have this?
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    Dream camera. I've wanted the intro Monochrom model since it was introduced in 2012 but then this one came out earlier this year and it makes me weak in the knees. The images it produces (depending on the photographer) are incredible. I miss feeling the weight of a camera in my hands. I haven't had a digital camera that I've liked yet which has made me put them down. It's time to pick one back up.
  2. MUJI Pens
    I love pens and these are some of my favorites. I'm out.
  3. An electric guitar - suggestions?
    I've had several and I've lived with several (and their owners) but was always too intimidated to try playing, even though I spend countless hours in the studio. It's finally on my Life List (another list) to just do it. Try to learn to play 1 thing and go from there. Everyone who has ever offered to teach me before was kind of an asshole about it and judgmental. I just want someone who wants to teach someone a little about it because they love it and they want someone else to love it too.
  4. A new necklace
    My favorite one was recently ripped off of me and broken.
  5. New glasses
    Can't find any lately that I like. Suggestions? Brands? Stores?
  6. New sunglasses
    Same as above
  7. iPad Pro
    Just for the hell of it.
  8. A record player
    Mine died a couple of years ago
  9. A Bluetooth speaker
  10. Aveda hand cream
    It's my favorite and I always forget to buy it so I'm reminding myself here
  11. Stamps
    I'm low and I always forget to buy them.
  12. Shared Spotify playlists with someone who has good taste in music
    I have private playlists and some of them were lost when I let my account lapse (I'm back now). I get bored with what I listen to and I'm also always curious as to what other people are listening to. So, if you want to share private playlists, hit me up. That's free!
  13. A dog I could pet on occasion
  14. Letters
    I love mail and I still write to people. I'll never stop as long as my hands can write.
  15. My hair done
    I haven't had It cut or anything since May and it's tragic. Haven't had the time.
  16. A vacation for pleasure
  17. To see snow again soon
  18. A major shakeup - suggestions?
    Change of scenery, location, etc.