1. To look at each day with a new perspective
    I'm lucky to wake up and get a new day to start completely fresh, like wiping the slate clean.
  2. To look at the sky
    The cloud formations at that second will never be the same ever again. It reminds me to be in the moment.
  3. To look at each person's face
    They all tell a story and a journey, one I'll never experience.
  4. To put myself in someone else's shoes
    I'll never be privy to their story and their take on life, but imagining how they feel is important.
  5. To be grateful for the small things
    The small details are what build the big picture. It all matters.
  6. To break it down
    When things feel overwhelming, I have to break it down. I look at the details - the colors I see, the shapes, the scents, the shapes - of what surrounds me.
  7. To not speak what I do not know to be true
    It's not my place.
  8. To keep an open heart
    Even when I'm hurt and I want to shut down, it's when I learn the most.
  9. To always be honest
    No matter how hard it is and knowing others will judge me, it's important.
  10. To not judge anyone else
    It's not my place.
  11. To give everyone a chance
    Especially the ones I don't immediately connect with.