I don't think I've ever watched so much TV but I'm too sick to do anything else. Going crazy.
  1. Shahs of Sunset
    GG is a hot mess; Mike really screwed the pooch on his marriage, although his wife seems like a nightmare; MJ has the biggest breasts I've ever seen
  2. Keeping Up With the Kardashians
    Is anyone still really keeping up with them anymore?
  3. Naked and Afraid
    WHY would anyone want to go on this show?! I can't get enough, but it seems awful.
  4. Even though I'm still upset/mad @andycohen bailed on @list Live. I wanted to see him so badly.
  5. Real Housewives of New York
    Good lord. So much shrieking and drama.
  6. Alone
    People get dropped off alone in a remote section of Canada's Vancouver Island with limited survival items and whoever stays the longest wins. Why?!
  7. Catfish
    If your online lover won't Skype or FaceTime with you, there's a 💯% chance you're being catfished, people.
  8. Teen Mom
    I feel like they're overdoing the injectables and someone please shake them all! I can't take it.
  9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Soooo good and entertaining. I don't consider this one brain rotting.
  10. Friends
    I give up. Send help.
  11. I don't even know myself anymore. Don't judge.