Things I've Gotten on Recent Travels

  1. Amsterdam
  2. This sausage tote
    Because it's funny and they have these sausage things everywhere.
  3. The other side of the sausage tote
  4. Keith Haring postcard
    Bought for someone else but found out they don't like me so I guess I'm keeping it?
  5. Miscellaneous cards
    I send mail.
  6. A tile with Prince printed on it
    I bought it for a friend but I kinda want to keep it.
  7. Basquiat postcard
    For mahself
  8. This container
    It was a gift from my work event.
  9. Warhol coloring book
    Just because.
  10. Guatemala
  11. Fuzzy balls keychain
    Handmade in Guatemala
  12. Worry dolls
  13. Mini prints from the exhibition I wrote about
  14. Tote