random observations. no shade, just facts.
  1. 83% of them are already married or in a relationship and freely admit it
  2. 51% use their headshots as their main photo
  3. 60% say they live in LA but really live in like Thousand Oaks which might as well be Arizona
  4. 92% of them are looking for women 18-38 even when they're 40 and above
  5. 97% of them think they're really witty but aren't necessarily
  6. 63% list Kurt Vonnegut as a favorite writer
  7. 98% display signs of massive egos and super high confidence
  8. 96.7% of them recently moved here from the east coast
  9. 98.9% wouldn't date someone overweight and think they aren't attractive
  10. 88% list themselves as "fit"
  11. 67% are looking for just hooking up or short term dating
  12. 99% of them play guitar, usually acoustic only
  13. 84% list hiking as a favorite hobby and have a photo to prove it
  14. 89.3% have at least one cat while only 7.6% have a dog
  15. then there's this...