I love everything about @list, butttttt if I were to change anything, maybe a little of this...?
  1. Make certain lists private or not for everyone
    Or be able to block certain people from seeing certain lists. I'm sorry (not sorry), but sometimes you want to reel it back in on what you share and might not want EVERYONE to read a particular post but don't want to go private either.
  2. A filter that adequately deciphers my sarcasm so it doesn't sound like whining or like I'm being an asshole.
  3. A way to prevent ALL of my family, especially my mom, and ALL Facebook friends from finding this app.
    I'm only here till my mom finds it. I prefer living in a world where my mom assumes I'm an emotionally healthy virgin.
  4. Take a published list back to Draft mode when you accidentally publish it
    I've hit that publish button by accident and the panic sets in and then you hit delete and it's lost forever.
  5. An algorithm that matches people based on the contents of their lists - friendship or otherwise.
  6. A longer Activity scroll
    I like to see the action going on but I feel like I'm missing a lot. We're some list liking, re-listing fools and I like it.
  7. A virtual reassurance that you didn't make a mistake by publishing that last list.
    Preferably a series of them. "Caroline, this list is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S." "You're going to trend later." "Everyone is going to love you!" "That was 25 minutes well-spent!" "You didn't just alienate half of @list with that one."
  8. Would it hurt to throw in an occasional "You look pretty today" message?
  9. A way to remember what that list was going to be about after you hit Compose and suddenly forget.
  10. Put a cap on letting anyone else in - JUST KIDDING!