1. Pick up sharp objects, like scissors, tweezers, the like.
    You can do major damage to the hairs on your head and it's not pretty. Thinking bangs are a good idea at 3am when you're slightly intoxicated was never good for anyone.
  2. Be alone with your phone.
    You will be tempted to call or text or look at photos sending you down an emotional rabbit hole to hell. Looking at insanely hot photos can cause extensive emotional turmoil.
  3. Be alone at a bar, or in public, actually.
    You will be tempted to sleep with every stranger you meet.
  4. Be alone drinking.
    You will drink two too many and there will be no one to hold your hair back for you when you get sick.
  5. Do your own nails or grooming.
    You'll think it's a good idea to paint your own nails black and it just looks like a 3-year old did it.
  6. Make decisions.
    You'll think getting back together or moving in with that party girl you just met at a bar is a good idea. It's not.
  7. Internet shop.
    You'll think buying fishing bait and bobble heads are a great investment at 4am. It's not.
  8. Post anything on the Internet without getting at least 2 impartial people to approve it.
    Overly sappy or really mean posts are never a good idea.