ok so my therapist said i should do a gratitude journal since life have been a big ol' bag of pulverized dicks lately. maybe if i do it here i'll keep up with it? 3 things per day that i'm grateful for...
  1. 08.16.2017 - still alive, medication, and my "fresh, glowing skin" - my doctor's words today
  2. 08.17.17 - my new bathroom (thanks @kate81!), the fluffy white clouds in the sky today, and jeremy for pulling me back from the edge more times than i can count
  3. 08.18.17 - 08.19.17 - having good people around, lots of rosé, and the california sun
  4. 08.20.17 - Mama Mollie. my second mom when i was a kid. she was one of my childhood best friends' mom. she died last night and i'm happy i had her in my life and she's no longer in pain.
    plus, i'm glad i got to see her one last time last week in hospice to tell her that i was sorry she caught her son and myself naked under the deck all the time when we were age 3 and 4. it made her laugh.
  5. 08.21.17 - getting to work out of an office surrounded by good people bc i normally work alone wherever i am, fun field trip excursions with 2'people that make me laugh, and i made it through another day