Every 30 seconds since we checked in 24 hours ago a super annoying beep happens. I spent an hour last night trying to solve the mystery, much to the annoyance of my not ex/ex (that's another list) who, thankfully, is incredible at distracting me. However, my meeting is done and he's leaving so it's going to be just me and the beep in VEGAS.
  1. What it's not:
  2. The smoke detector
  3. The sprinkler system
  4. The electronic mini bar
  5. The electronic snack bar on top of the mini bar
  6. The telephone
  7. The drawer safe
  8. The alarm clock
  9. The smoke detector in the hallway
  10. The electronic door locks
  11. The speaker system
  12. The outlets
  13. SO WHAT IS IT?!?!?