Inspired by @drugs \\\\ A more light-hearted list.
  1. Text/email regret
    Immediately. and I beat myself up for sending it. I never think it sounds how I want it to sound.
  2. Liking an idea better than the actual thing
    Sometimes I get really excited about something and go all in and then discover the idea is more exciting to me. My family has always given me a hard time on this one my entire life. I'm finally admitting it here. I have an entire list on this that's been finished for months.
  3. Overpreparing
    I like to plan for all possible scenarios. I like organizing things so preparing just feels really good. I also like to know my shit before attempting something so I learn and study up like a motherfucker.
  4. Jumping in a car or a plane to do something without much forethought
    Which contradicts the over preparedness, I know. BUT I'M A GEMINI and sometimes I'm extremely spontaneous.
  5. Daydreaming/lucid dreaming
    I can go all day daydreaming, and all night lucid dreaming and it's a really good thing no one can read my mind. This skill got me through English, anthropology, and photography degrees, and many boring meetings. And high school, too. And one ex boyfriend who talked about himself for hours and hours.
  6. Never brushing my hair
    It's wavy/curly and it gets frizzy AF if I do
  7. Keeping secrets
    My secrets and yours. 🔑🔒
  8. Dating creatives - musicians/artists/writers
    When it's the world you're surrounded by... You tend to keep it in the neighborhood. Im sure if I was attorney, I'd be dating attorneys. I'm an equal opportunity dater, though.
  9. Red lips
    As much as the boys hate it when it's all over their lips... Sorry, but I'm not sorry. I gave it up at one point for a certain person and neither the relationship nor my red lip hiatus lasted.
  10. Never wanting to go see a movie
    I have a hard time making myself go to the theater but I love movies. Maybe because I worked in one (indie theater) for years? But, I love watching them. It annoys the friends in my life (like it did last night, which is what reminded me of it)
  11. Staying up super late
    It's easily 5am on any given night and I'm still awake. This is normal for me.
  12. Falling asleep when reading. Always.
    Perhaps I should read after sex because I'm almost always wide awake.
  13. Writing in all-caps
    I've done this since high school and would get in trouble for it. I don't do cursive. Ever.
  14. Inappropriateness
    When I let my filter down, it's on. It can be a problem or you'll really like it. ⚖
  15. Headphones/earbuds on
    If you spot me away from "home" chances are I'll be listening to music or a podcast.
  16. Crushes
    They're fun and exciting and they make my world go round!