Since you're all dying to know, here it is in a completely random order:
  1. Photography
    The art of, cameras, the idea behind, etc.
  2. Road trips
    There's something beautiful about seeing the world this way. Necessary: good road companion, playlists, and podcasts. Also, feet up.
  3. When you sing me to sleep
  4. Handwriting, which leads me to...
    I think it's fascinating.
  5. A damn good pen
  6. Witty repartee
  7. When there's a disagreement but we can wind it up by understanding.
  8. A guy with a slight bit of shyness
    Gets me every time.
  9. Emotional maturity
    I'm not perfect but I've come a long, winding road.
  10. Someone who makes me excited about something they love
    You know- when someone is super excited about something and they get really excited about showing you too. The best.
  11. A song that makes me want to move some part of my body in some kind of way
  12. Fonts + typography
  13. Good design
    The kind that lasts.
  14. Solid wifi
  15. Someone that gets my unconventional life
  16. Well done tattoos
  17. Collarbones + the pelvic thing
    That indention between the abs and hip. Magic.
  18. Striped shirts and sweaters in the perfect fit
  19. Arm and hand veins
    You know, the kind that musicians and chronic masturbators tend to have.