1. That Carson Daly is still on TV.
  2. That Freaks and Geeks didn't make it to syndication.
  3. That my neighbor still plays Ginuwine's "Pony" on repeat every weekend when he's "entertaining".
  4. That I'm not still 21.
  5. That I still don't have any cavities or fillings.
  6. That Donald Trump is still making news.
  7. That my sister and I are related.
  8. That Kenny Rogers no longer looks like the Kenny Rogers of my childhood.
  9. My love of vacuuming.
  10. That I could be Justin Bieber's mom.
  11. That the good ones always leave too soon.
  12. That a song has the ability to hit you right in the gut and the heart.
  13. That I got away with what I did as a teenager. 😳
  14. And most importantly, that everyone doesn't use the Oxford comma.