This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: An Ode to 2015

Let's say goodbye to these things and make 2016 🔥 af!
  1. Rachel Dolezal
  2. Innocent people being shot by shady cops
  3. Mass shootings happening every fucking day
  4. Assault rifles being legal to purchase
  5. ISIS
  6. Donald Trump
  7. Ben Carson
  8. Racism STILL exists
  9. Homophobia STILL exists
  10. Women STILL make less money then me
  11. Women are still being victimized
  12. Martin Shkreli
  13. Kim Davis
  14. Dr Walter Palmer
  15. Josh Duggar
  16. Ashley Madison hack
  17. Jared Fogle
  18. Waist training
  19. Duct tape
    Because assholes won't stop wrapping their dog's mouths shut with it.