Where were you?!
  1. @saytrumbo is forever a majestic unicorn with medicinal effects and I'll love her forever! 🦄❤️
  2. @emilyannlosey is the most adorable person you'll ever meet and she gets even more adorable the more you meet her! I want to put her in my pocket and take her with me.
  3. @Nicholas is a real human being and not just an automated response you get at @list! He's tall and has perfectly coifed hair. Plus he gives great hugs!
  4. @Caroline is @Nicholas' better half and she's by far the better Caroline on this app. She's adorable and perfect in a completely effortless way.
  5. @tombatten is apparently really funny (which I sadly missed because I was late) when he speaks into a microphone. He seemed really funny in person but we didn't really get to talk much. He did autograph my book for me because he's obviously famous outside of @list!
    Safe travels, fucker!
  6. @madeline is tall and beautiful and really sweet! And she can rock a romper like no one else!
  7. @bobbyhundreds is awesome and everyone wants to talk to him. He's not on this app anymore so sadly he'll never read this.
  8. @bookishclaire came! And we were so excited she did! She's really sweet and I loved meeting her. Safe travels home!
  9. @dcerruti is hysterically funny and tall. He rocked a fun striped jacket that I enjoyed.
  10. @wiblitz has her lipstick game on point and I was quite jealous!
  11. @gremlin rounded out that end of the table and I was bummed I didn't get to talk to her much. Super cute!
  12. @samwaddell and @alisonbeth just joined the app last night at the bar. They're awesome and you should all welcome them!
  13. Who did I forget?