My love of list making has finally been fulfilled with this here app and I'm a little sad about it going out into the real world.
  1. The same people that ignore you on Twitter and Instagram will ignore you here
  2. I'm going to miss the LASS (List App Secret Society)
  3. Is it going to be filled with lists like "My last 20 meals w/pictures" and "My cat's favorite position"?
    I feel like this is what my IG feed has become.
  4. Will I lose touch with all the awesome people I've met so far?!
    If you want to stay in touch, comment below. I'll give you my email.
  5. Can't we have one social media thing that doesn't single out famous people with check marks?
    Can't we all have a little check mark? BECAUSE WE'RE ALL IMPORTANT, DAMMIT. ✅
  6. I'll still keep making lists but might not be as open if I find my mom or 3rd grade teacher on here.
  7. Maybe once public, I'll finally have more than 20 followers!
    Not that I don't love and appreciate each of you. I do. Swear.
  8. I hope the same level of niceness and support continues. You people have been really swell.
    Did i just say 'swell'?!