As requested.
  1. Aiding and abetting my friend as she "altered" her boyfriend's motorcycle after he cheated on her with someone we knew.
    They'd been dating about 8 years and she was devastated.
  2. Having sex in a national park after they closed for the night.
    Got away with just a warning.
  3. I'm just going to say had sex in places you're not supposed to as a blanket statement.
  4. Getting driver's licenses from the DMV with my older sister's info but my photo
    So I could get into bars.
  5. Going to bars and clubs underage for years
  6. Drinking underage at above bars and clubs
  7. Stole a Star Wars pencil sharpener from the drug store when I was about 4 years old because I didn't understand you had to pay for things
    I took it back a few days later after I told my parents. THE GUILT. I can't deal with lying still to this day. It eats at me.
  8. Broke into an apartment complex in the middle of the night to go skinny dipping
  9. Bought drugs for musicians
    Years ago I don't do this anymore.
  10. Started a fire in a tunnel with friends in middle school
  11. Gotten into a street fight to help a friend who was getting her ass kicked
  12. Torn the tags off of my mattresses and pillows
  13. Leaving a trail of broken hearts everywhere
  14. This is all I'm willing to admit at this time.