Written at 4am during blowing.
  1. Are there even leaves on the ground this time of year?
  2. Do the leaves really need to be blown at 4am?
  3. This task cannot wait until morning?
  4. Aren't there laws against leaf blowing at night?
    If not, there should be.
  5. Should I start a campaign against this?
  6. Is this going to be my cause?
  7. Is this really so important in your life that you need to wake up every building in the surrounding area?!
  8. It is so loud. Why does it sound like it's in my apartment?!
  9. Why did your parents have sex?
  10. Why do you exist as a human being?
  11. I don't wish harm on people but I would not be opposed to your penis being carried away with those leaves right now.