1. Woke up in a sweaty haze of jet lag and vivid dreams
  2. Meditated
  3. Ate a packet of Justin's almond butter out of my suitcase with pretzels
    It was all I had.
  4. Climbed back in bed and looked over my Amsterdam photos
  5. Promptly feel into a deep sleep full of intense dreams
  6. Forced myself awake 2.5 hours later
  7. Threw on clothes and walked to get a bagel
  8. Cracked open my laptop and proceeded to plow through the millions of emails that backed up while I was gone
  9. All while watching The Real World: London (1995) on MTV Classic
  10. Proceeded to watch most of the episodes while doing work fast forwarding through the commercials
  11. Started watching Top Gun which came on immediately after the 20ish episodes of The Real World
  12. All while Photoshopping a ton of images for posts
  13. Meditated
  14. Didn't unpack my suitcase