Ways I've Met My Significant Others

Inspired by @MCWillZ & @RachelP
  1. I met him years ago when he was so persistent about getting with me. I finally dumped his ass because he was so old-fashioned and insisted on taking things slow.
  2. My first true love. He came into my life when I needed him at 16. He took me to school, concerts, parties, and to work. Unfortunately he wasn't the most reliable and he was a bit of a bad boy which made me love him even more. Eventually we had to break up because I wanted to play it a bit safer.
  3. I met you in the valley while walking down the street with my ex. We made eye contact and I was feeling rather spontaneous that day so I jumped at your offer to hang out. It was a rather short love affair because you bored me after awhile but it was fun while it lasted.
  4. First long term relationship. We met years and years and years ago at a party and, quite frankly, it was love at first sight. Even though we break up from time to time, I'm still smitten as a kitten.
  5. This guy. We met over the holidays years ago through a family member and we've been pretty inseparable since. We spend all of our time together. In fact, some would say too much time, but I don't care. We were meant to be. He's always there for me, he excites me, comforts me, and always gives me pleasure. He's deep and always rocks my world.
  6. Sometimes I'm looking for a little something on the side and that's where he comes in. I met him as a teenager and we've been off and on. Mostly I like to keep him around just in case.