FYI: "Reasons for Therapy" is my parents' home number and there's "P.I." after my mom's name because we all say she missed her career calling. She's slightly investigative by nature.
  1. First call - Voicemail
    B3882b4f c422 42e3 b6bc f489bd49af61
    "Hey, just calling to see how you were. Call me when you can."
  2. 1st text message
    Is everything okay??
  3. Second call - Voicemail
    "Uh, hi, just wondering where you are. I haven't heard from you."
  4. 2nd text message
    Where are you??!!!
  5. Email
    D78530cb d506 4881 9b2a b7a0eaa1e890
  6. 3rd text message
    Are you ok?!
  7. Missed FaceTime call
  8. 4th text message
  9. Third call - Voicemail
    "What is going on?! Where are you?! I'm really starting to worry."
  10. 5th text message
    Ok, I'm really starting to get concerned. Why aren't you responding? Are you dead?
  11. 6th text message
    I'm putting on my coat to come down there.
  12. Third call - no voicemail
  13. 7th text message
    11b1f7cc 9ea3 4440 9dd9 db048ce15dac
    On my way there if you don't call soon
  14. 8th text message
    I'm going to call the fire department.
  15. -----
  16. Wake up, look at my phone and see the meltdown that slowly occurred over a 1 hour span of time. Can I not even take a short nap?!
  17. Call my mom and get a rundown of her psychotic thought process of not hearing from me.
  18. Make a mental note to call my therapist on Monday.