1. First, people lose their fucking minds.
  2. Call and text everyone they know to see if they heard the forecast.
  3. Scramble to leave work early to prevent a flake from hitting their windshield.
  4. Race to the store to buy all the bread, eggs, and milk in case that flake keeps them shut in for days.
  5. Obsessively scan each TV network for news on the impending "storm" which provides around the clock coverage.
  6. Check-in with all news sites online to confirm what the news is saying.
  7. Contemplate the probability of schools being closed tomorrow and work being cancelled.
  8. Attempt to locate all snow gear to prepare for Snowpocalypse.
  9. Pace from one window to the next waiting to spot the flake.
  10. Once said flake falls, immediately send a group text to everyone to keep everyone in the loop.
  11. Suit up in snow gear and make way outside.
  12. Squint in search of the flake to take photo as proof.
  13. Head back inside and de-gear.
  14. Post said photo on FB, Twitter, and Instagram with toddler level excitement.
  15. Back to the news to listen for school closings.
  16. Call friends to debate the likelihood of school and work closings.
  17. Repeat 11-16 for hours.
  18. Finally go to sleep with no answers.
  19. Wake up to hear that schools are closed and businesses are on a 2-hour delay.
  20. Look outside all day and wonder where the f the snow is and how the weather people could be so wrong.
  21. Eat French Toast for 4 days to use up all your groceries you stocked up on.