What I Miss the Very Most

  1. This guy. So much.
  2. Today's his birthday, which makes me think about him more.
  3. I was lucky to spend 14 years and 8 months with him by my side through it all but I selfishly wish he could of lived forever.
  4. I was crushed when he died 4 years ago, only days after my aunt (my favorite relative) and a week after my grandfather.
  5. Some people don't get it, but the love of a dog is pretty damn special.
  6. He was a once in a lifetime kind of dog and I'll never be able to replace that.
  7. He was quirky and picky and incredibly sensitive and sweet, and every single day he made me laugh because of his adorable stubbornness.
  8. I miss his sweet face every single day.
  9. But I'm grateful I had the time with him that I did.
  10. I miss you, Elliot.
    (Although no one called him that. We called him by his nicknames Bew and Moose.)