What's the Status of Your Rescue?

Thanks for asking, everyone, especially Jessica, who sent me this list request.
  1. My time in the swinging coffin is officially over.
  3. I was rescued by 2 incredibly hot firemen, 1 badass firewoman, and one, well, really nice fireman.
  4. Lessons learned from my time in the pen:
  5. Look my best when I step out in case of rescue by hot firemen
    I should know better as this is not my first rescue out of that damn elevator!
  6. Pee before checking the mail in case I ever get stuck again
  7. Always carry beverages and snacks with you for unexpected confinement
  8. Be grateful you carry your Mophie battery case with you for extra charge in case of manic listing during confinement
  9. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Take the stairs back up
  10. Thanks for entertaining me.
  11. Merry Liftmas everyone!
  12. @shanaz ⬆️