And then proceeds to follow you on Instagram and Twitter.
  1. Wait, WHAT?!
  2. Is this shit for real?!
  3. Holy. Damn.
  4. I can't help it. I've seriously had a major crush on him since I was 13 and I'd go see him play in every band he's ever been in when they rolled through town.
  5. I've never talked to him and never thought he knew i was alive. We have mutual friends but we've never connected.
  6. UNTIL NOW. (Make the Law & Order SVU noise here)
  7. I admit, I had a little freak out moment of joy. Like my teenage fantasy just came true.
    I mean, normally this kind of thing wouldn't phase me, but he was my crush. One of my big crushes. Damn.
  8. So I had to share with someone.
  9. Yes, I know it doesn't mean anything but just a little fleeting bit of excitement to round out 2015.
  10. Ok, bye. I'm going to read his profile now.
  11. PS. We're totally going to have sex in 2016.
    Because I'm putting it out into the universe.