riends had tickets and I had friends, so here I am. Random thoughts as the night goes on...
  1. So this happened.
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  2. Somehow I forgot just how much people love the Dead.
    They are some of the most loyal fans (I hate that word) ever. They're all incredibly sweet and really, really like to hug.
  3. Everyone's so nice! I'm used to hipster people who barely nod their head to the music while their arms are crossed.
    Or is it because I'm dressed in all black and I look like a soulless bitch? Is that why they keep hugging me?
  4. I also forgot just how much they love pot.
    And everything else that was passed in front of me. The second the lights went out a massive mushroom cloud of smoke filled the air.
  5. You could probably burn my clothes and get high.
    Seriously, you could roll my dress up and smoke it.
  6. From men, I've gotten 3 handwritten phone numbers, 5 business cards, 2 ass grabs, a "cool necklace", and a "nice rack".
    Is there a full moon? Nah, drunk and people on various substances are just overly friendly.
  7. Confession: I did listen to them on occasion when I was a very young teenager.
    Rarely did I mention it then for fear of destroying my indie rock cred (which was all in my snobby teen mind). I even saw them play when Jerry Garcia was alive.
  8. Amy, a lady 1 seat over from me, inquired as to my stance on threesomes.
    It's her and her husband's anniversary. She liked my red lipstick and said if I joined I could "make his year. He wanted some strange." Still wondering what I'll get out of it.
  9. Don't kill me, but I've never really listened to John's music (no offense John!) so I didn't really know what to expect. (I know, I'm a horrible person)
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    He killed it.
    I keep trying to see it but your wrist moves too fast, dammit. (I have a deep love of watches that goes way back)
  11. I'm having fun even though the threesome chick keeps touching my boobs!
    She can't help it. She said she's too fucked up to see straight. She can't stand up straight either because every time she talks to me she falls into me. She's super sweet though and said I'm an angel that was sent to sit by them tonight. She said she knew what a good heart I had and to not let anyone else break it. We come from different worlds but we're all the same. What a sweet reminder.
  12. My organs are vibrating.
    All of them. They're each being deeply massaged right along with the thundering bass tones.
  13. Trippy drum solo. Maybe a theremin too?
  14. He just threw all his guitar picks out into the audience and people were scrambling for them.
  15. ------
  16. And to cap off a completely unexpected and fun evening, a guy attacked/assaulted me when I was walking to the bathroom. Was finally able to fight him off after a few minutes but it felt like an eternity. Ripped my clothes. No one was around
    Ill probably regret writing this on here.
  17. Published this before I had wanted to. Not sure what else to say. It was a whole lot of fun... Until it wasn't. Sorry to be a bummer and change the tone of the list but sometimes life happens. Fucked up shit happens...