1. Wouldn't you rather hear things like, "I never want to talk to you." Or "Leave me alone"? Or just about anything?
  2. I would.
  3. I'd have 1000x more respect for someone to just be honest.
  4. I realize it's not always easy, but grow a pair.
  5. Hell, I don't love being upfront like that, but I'd rather be honest than be a dick leaving someone hanging.
  6. I hear about it all the time from people and it's happened to me.
  7. Be an adult and just say it.
  8. Just respond.
  9. Wouldn't you rather someone respect you and know the truth than to think you're a douchebag?
  10. I would.
  11. Don't people deserve better?
  12. I think so.
  13. Don't leave people with an unpleasant impression of you. Because that's what happens.
  14. [end of rant]