WTF Products That End Up In My Inbox

i'd apologize in advance but it's not my fault. these landed in my inbox. i'll share as i receive them.
  1. Niceballs - because sometimes you just need to play with your balls while at work
  2. this guy sculpted a hyper realistic bust to show his face when he orgasms
  3. Booty Bumpers
  4. The board game about periods
    "a fun, cool way for kids to learn about menstruation"
  5. Wax That Ass - "interactive butt sculptures" to fight sexual harassment
  6. a penis tuxedo
  7. "It's never too late to express your love."
    Valentine's Day pitch
  8. Grope Mountain - "where you can climb for lovers"
  9. "the world’s first pelvic floor strengthening shorts for men and it enables guys to play app games using their own ‘joystick’."
  10. Techno Slut is just one of the many offerings of Disco Leopard on Etsy
  11. The Cleavage Closet
  12. a one handed lotion dispenser for, uh, self-pleasuring. so you can always have one hand on your junk
  13. JoeyWears - The Only Underwear Your Balls Deserve
  14. JoeyPouch Active is ideal for keeping you cool with an athletic cut. We invented the dual pouch design to separate your member and boys.
    i had to post 2 for this
  15. "OVibe by Oivita. OVibe is the world’s first deluxe vibrator that grows, heats up, and responds to your body."
    it's a grower, not a shower
  16. don't be a dong series
  17. Lice treatment
  18. cannabis oil for dogs
    again, we write about modern design
  19. a new remix record
  20. a hot dog sofa and burger chair
  21. not a product but definitely a WTF. for the 2nd year in a row, i've been invited on this David Hasselhoff cruise.
    i can only take one of you so who's it going to be?
  22. Ta-Ta Towel
    because she was tired of boob sweat