Maybe not totally change your life, but they'll make you laugh and you will be so glad you watched them. Thanks @mindy
  1. You've Got Sext, Season 2
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    Pretty sure I've seen this episode a solid 20 times, clearly my all time fav. The one thing that really gets me about this episode is that Cliff, who seems super nerdy and boring, gets into a situation like this, all while listening to classical music.
  2. Music Festival, Season 2
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    Morgan's cannonball into the grass is something I can think about and die laughing instantly. This is also the episode where DJ Sacrament came to life and that is my favorite name ever and tbh I would prob change my name to that If my parents wouldn't kill me and all. Also, Casey 😍
  3. We're a Couple Now, Haters. Season 3
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    Mindy and Danny are finally a couple and all is right in the world. We meet cousin Lou who is a total doll besides being a thug. His "ay girl!" To Mindy at the party is something I wish I could have as a ringtone, if i ever took my phone off silent. Also, Danny stripping. Yes please.