All Essie & OPI
  1. Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
    Great chalky pink shade, even greater name.
  2. Sand Tropez
    This was my go-to when I first started regularly getting manicures. This color was the only color I would get on my toes this summer.
  3. Fiji
    Another chalky pink that I love. This was my go-to freshman year of college, and the color made me feel like hot shit. There is a tweet of me saying I could paint my bedroom walls Fiji. UGH
  4. Kiss Me I'm Brazilian
    Summer 2k15 fav. Bright as hell in person, not tacky.
  5. Chastity
    This is literally 💅🏽
  6. Over the Taupe
    V v glam taupe. Fall 2k15 fav.
  7. For the Twill of it
    FUN AF, for when I'm feeling ballsy.
  8. Carry On
    I don't really like this color but I get it all the time so It should be on this list?
  9. Wicked
    V v similar to carry on but a fav. The color matches my wallet.
  10. Lincoln Park After Dark
    What I get every other week, referred to as LPAD.