My taste in movies is the worst
  1. Clueless
    I've probably watched it about 50,000 times. All time fav.
  2. Mean Girls
    The Clueless of the 21st century.
  3. Matilda
    I was too young to see this in theaters with my sister and family members and tbh i'm still pissed about it so I watch it everytime its on to prove a point, or because I love that cake scene.
  4. Stepbrothers
    I originally didn't want to see this in theaters in high school but I am sure fucking glad I did. Makes me laugh every damn time and I can quote the whole thing.
  5. Baby Mama
    Do I really need to explain?
  6. The Hunger Games
    This one is rarely on but it is really everything. Still cry when Rue dies. Everytime.