🎤 this ones for you tonight 🍾
  1. Lisa Vanderpump
    If it wasn't for her, this show wouldn't exist. All hail Lisa Vanderump.
  2. Tom Schwartz
    Okay so he did cheat on Katie last season but he is adorable and totally redeemed himself with that engagement ring. #tomandkatie4ever
  3. Katie
    She coined the term "ring on a string" which a majority of last season was based on so do you girl. Also one of the most tolerable/normal cast members.
  4. Tom Sandoval
    He's cried more times on camera than I can count and I love watching it.
  5. Ariana
    I don't have much of an opinion on her but she seems pretty normal and not annoying. Plus, props to her to dating cry baby Sandoval.
  6. Jax Taylor
    Jesus Christ Jax is the WORST. I really can't stand him and his bullshit but he is America's fuckboy so.
  7. James
    He's only super low on this list because I don't have much of an opinion of him but he's dating Kristen and she sucks.
  8. Tied for last: Scheana and Kristen
    These two have annoyed me since day one. Scheana's constant need to be the center of attention is just as obnoxious as her songs. Kristen is the worst and cheated on sensitive Sandoval with gross fuckboy Jax which makes me vomit in my mouth. If these two had a spinoff about Scheana's singing career and Kristen's T-shirt line, it would have the lowest ratings of all time.
  9. Honorable mention: Stassi
    She's too busy working on her statement necklaces right now but rumor has it she comes back later in the season.
  10. Thanks for this show, @andycohen