Feeling like maybe I left someone out? Idk.
  1. Hillary Clinton
    SASSY AS HELL. Tbh I looked at her twitter for the first time tonight because I was going to tweet her that I could be her fashion advisor if elected. I do not regret any of this.
  2. Donald Trump
    I mean all in all he really is the worst but he is being very hip with these hashtags. Also, #makeamericagreatagain is quite the slogan.
  3. Ted Cruz
    Basic bio, nothing special. Cute shoutout to his wife?
  4. Marco Rubio
    Boring AF but looking at his bio just reminds me of how attractive he is.
  5. Bernie Sanders
    Literally if my grandfather could read & write in English and was running for president. Sorry bern (and grandpa!)
  6. Fun fact: this is what I was doing during commercial breaks for the real housewives of beverly hills because they go hand in hand, right?