Cause you ain't leavin the house and I'm pretty bored rn.
  1. Watch New Girl
    Between Netflix and Hulu, every episode is available. Beware, the thoughts in your head will sound like Schmidt for the next week, or maybe thats just me.
  2. Plan your future wedding on Pinterest
    Or plan your future home or future children's wardrobe. Remember to make those boards private!!
  3. Take your dog out to play (if you feel the need to leave the house)
    If you have a dog, of course. My dog, Silvio, loves the snow, but not the jacket I skipped lunch to go out and buy him yesterday.
  4. Start a blog
    I plan to do this tonight.
  5. Eat everything in your fridge
  6. Organize your boards on Pinterest
    Let's be real, Pinterest was made for snow days.