1. Box cutters
    Gotta open those containers somehow!
  2. Box turtles
    Nature's container!
  3. Box for your turtles
    All turtles need a home
  4. Turtle food
    They need to be fed
  5. A nice hot rock for a turtle to sleep on
    Or is this lizards? I think most turtles just maybe need water but wouldn't this be a nice warm treat for your new friend's home?
  6. Water and grass to make the turtle box more of a turtle habitat
    I don't think the turtle would like to just live in a box. He probably wants a nice grassy field and a little pond to hang around in.
  7. Release your turtle
    Maybe turtles shouldn't be kept in boxes at all. They're wild animals who are critical members of the ecosystem and we can't enjoy their beauty if all of them are stuck in boxes all the time!
  8. Hand sanitizer
    Box turtles are notorious for carrying salmonella and you just handled a bunch of turtles all at once trying to pick yours out and then releasing it. The Container Store might actually already sell hand sanitizer near the register but just to be sure.
  9. Boxes for your shoes with a place to put a picture of the shoe on the front of the box
    I saw this life hack on Pinterest and it would be a great closet organizing solution!