I was in Times Square a little bit tipsy and there it was and nothing sounded more appealing than a basket of fried shrimp.
  1. That it is a Forrest Gump themed restaurant
    I knew the concept had come from the movie. And I knew the "Gump" in the name was also Forrest Gump's last name. But somehow I just never put together that the restaurant would have photographs of the actors and dishes named after lines from the movie.
  2. That our waiter would ask us Forrest Gump trivia before we were allowed to eat our food
    I was amazing at this, tbh. I know it was all very easy stuff if you've seen the movie once, but I nailed the trivia. Seemed cruel to make us answer like 5 minutes of questions while our food got cold on the table.
  3. They would only have one pasta dish
    It was shrimp scampi. Obviously. But I was really looking for a lot of carbs and I figured a novelty restaurant in Times Square would at least have multiple pasta options. They didn't.
  4. There really are a lot of different ways to make shrimp
    But not all of them sound great. I did end up getting a basket of fried shrimp and fish (actually it was a bucket and the name of the dish was "Boat Trash").
  5. I still can't believe it is a Forrest Gump themed restaurant
    I understand it was a widely successful movie, but I am blown away by this. There was a framed photo of Haley Joel Osment in that movie ON OUR TABLE. Is the restaurant supposed to be Forrest's house? Even if it's supposed to be a restaurant based on the shrimp business from the movie, why would that restaurant have photos of the owner's kid at the tables?
  6. A lot of that movie is really sad
    Actually most of it is. Jenny's dad sexually abuses her?? Bubba dies in Vietnam?? In fact, in the movie Bubba-Gump is only a success because a hurricane destroys all the competitors' boats. That's messed up. Do those companies exist in the Bubba Gump restaurant universe? Did Forrest consent to sex with Jenny in that one scene? That seemed wrong. Why didn't they have a box of chocolates on the dessert menu???