1. I got a tuna salad sandwich because I don't care about anybody on a train except for myself
  2. I'm bringing all of my dirty laundry home to my parents house to wash, so if someone tried to steal my enormous bag all they would find was dirty underwear and nothing valuable
  3. I tried to guess which gate my train would come into and I guessed wrong and ended up in the back of the line which means I might not get a seat in the quiet car which means I will scream at the top of my lungs for the entire ride to DC
  4. U never feel more like cattle than when you're in a crowd of 200 people all trying to get down one escalator
  5. Beelined straight for the quiet car along with every other solo traveler on the train and had the most impatient asshole behind me trying to maneuver around my huge bag but I wouldn't let him
  6. When a girl in front of me stopped the line to put her stuff in the overhead the asshole behind me said loudly "oh Jesus Christ..." So I turned around and told him to "calm DOWN" and helped the girl with her heavy bag
  7. He did not help me when I couldn't get my heavy bag up
  8. People who recline their seat back with someone behind them on a train or an airplane deserve death
  9. Time to eat my tuna sandwich so I deserve death too