Stanley is a rescue kitten that my dad bought me when I lost my standard poodle. She was the best!! And while Stanley cannot compare, I have to admit... He is a cutie and a handful. Just my type.
  1. Stanley, I promise never to tell you that you aren't a dog. It's clear that you want to be one since you play fetch and come when called. Also you were the cutest puppy!!
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  2. I love when you get so excited about food and run into your crate while making a humming noise. Such a chubs.
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  3. This is not smart.
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  4. Neither is this.
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  5. Please stop biting me. I am not your litter mate. In exchange, I will stop teasing you. Although it seems you enjoy it? One day you will catch that little red dot. Promise.
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  6. Cuddles on sleepy afternoons are the best.
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