Wines we liked, wines we loved, and wines we drank just because they were wine
  1. Seven Moscato
    👍🏽Sweet, carbonated
  2. Muir Chardonnay
    👎🏽Dry, no prominent flavor
  3. Cloud Break Pinot Noir
    👍🏽Smooth and surprisingly easy finish
  4. Francis Coppola Pinot Noir
    👍🏽smooth, easy, mellow, no bite
  5. Kudos Pinot Noir
    It was 'ok.' No real flavor was outstanding. Almost tastes like a cab but definitely better than cheap wine.
  6. Iter California Pinot Noir
    very smooth, thicker, but not anything outstanding
  7. Verada
    👍🏽sweet red, liked better than re lusso
  8. Jam Jar Syrah
    👍🏽Sweet, thick, bold berry flavor
  9. Coppola Syrah-shiraz
    Inoffensive but not pleasant. A step above cheap wine- has a bitter bite but isn't too bad.
  10. Lucky Goat Cabernet
    👎🏽gross, bitter, acidic, rough
  11. Happy Camper Cabernet
    👍🏽easy sipping wine; true cab flavor, slight bite but barely
  12. Re Lusso
    👍🏽 Carbonated red, sweet but refreshing. A juice wine
  13. Cloud Break Moscato
    👍🏽a sweet moscato on the mild side almost like moscato and chardonnay had a baby that was this wine
  14. Vouvray Chenin Blanc
    👍🏽Very crisp white; moderately sweet
  15. Summit Estates Merlot
    👍🏽Surprisingly awesome merlot. Really smooth, strong fruit flavor
  16. The Federalist Cabernet Sauvignon