1. Coffee. Duh.
  2. Get to work at least a half hour early so I can try to get on my A-Game like a boss.
  3. Go to some kind of meeting. A MAP testing meeting. IEP meeting. Inclusion meeting. Domain meeting. There's always some kind of meeting.
  4. Do therapy. The fun part. If I'm lucky (and stars have aligned) I will have a bomb activity planned that is holiday themed and fun or involves the curriculum.
  5. Or we'll play Zingo. Or some Roll and Color type game I got for free on Teachers Pay Teachers and already played 100 times with different kids.
  6. Print stuff. Copy stuff. Organize stuff. Hopefully put stuff away. Calculate stuff. Write stuff. Make stuff. Cut stuff. Laminate stuff.
  7. Eat lunch while checking email.
  8. Hear something hilarious that a kid says that makes me laugh out loud but then forget what it is by the time I get home.
  9. Get mad at myself for not drinking enough water.
  10. Write (and hopefully cross out!!) things on my never-ending rainbow pencil to-do list.
  11. If it's Monday or Thursday, I go to work after work but it's pretty chill at the clinic. Money in da' bank!! Laugh with other therapists while getting ready if it's a lucky.
  12. Smile. I'm home and I have a job I think is important.
    Disclaimer: Not a typical "day in the life" activity but if I had my act together and lived up to what I wish I would do, I would do this everyday. Work is hard. But it's good.