1. Peaches
    The orange cat that no one loved but me
  2. Honey
    The hamster that died "of a heart attack during a thunderstorm" (but really just probably starved to death from neglect at my dad's house)
  3. Goldie
    Magical carnival fish that lived beyond any expected lifetimes for a carnival fish
  4. Winnie
    The cat that I loved when it was a kitten...and later wanted to love but couldn't really do so between the peeing and barfing
  5. The 10387483 hamsters that started to eat each other and were infinitely reproducing before we brought them back to the pet store in desperation
  6. Frankie
    The white Maltese demon our friends and family love to hate. Poor mom. She worships a devil dog.
  7. Sadie
    The pony that romps around in a dog's body. Our lovable goofball.