If I was able to do all these in one day I might die from pure self-indulgence.
  1. Sleeping in past 7:30. No alarm.
  2. Swiss Maid Bakery sprinkle donut.
  3. Froo froo fancy coffee. Venti please.
  4. Mani pedi. Duh.
  5. Eyebrow wax. Preferably where they let you lay on that cot and trim the furry caterpillars after ripping your face off. Extra cooling gel.
  6. Sushi. Spicy tuna rolls, extra ginger for the top.
  7. Buying a book not from a resale store or from Half Price Books.
  8. Putting fat monies on dat Loft credit card. Full price, say what?! Lou and Grey ballin'!!
  9. Watching Mindy Project or Broad City because almost nothing makes me laugh like those ladies.
  10. If it's summer, there is no doubt that treat yo' self day involves some pool time.
  11. Picking up not one but TWO magazines at the grocery store.
  12. Buying myself Trader Joe flowers.
  13. Taco dip.
  14. Sitting on my butt in my favorite comfy clothes cheers-ing myself with a cold Gumball Head beer.