Can't even
  1. Osaka
    It's like I haven't been to Lima unless I go to Osaka.
  2. Pharos - la marina
    Best tuna tataki ever tasted. But gotta be a member, or know one.
  3. Fiesta
    Too good to explain.
  4. Francesco
    Can't beat their ceviche.
  5. Panchita
    If you feel like finishing a plate that could feed a whole family in Africa.
  6. Jose Antonio
    So old school and so good. Still the best lomo saltado in lima.
  7. La Granja Azul
    Smallest, tastiest, and juiciest rotisserie chickens in the planet but more than that 25 years of memories. First broken arm, first kiss, first really bad drunken afternoon, everything happens here after you have a Crepe Suzette and a chicha milagrosa. Ps. Forgot to say it's unlimited chicken and french fries and the egg shaped bread comes inside a stuffed chicken.
  8. Chifa Charito
    Best chifa in Peru. Vegetarian noodles that are anything but vegetarian are soooo good. An all time Kirschbaum favorite.