Too much pressure for 2016
  1. Struggling to hike after a long sleepless night in Machu Pichu, Peru
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  2. 🏊🏻 the Dead Sea, Israel
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  3. ⛷ in Vail, Colorado
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  4. 🌤 Tel Aviv, Israel @nataliecohen
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  5. 🎨 the red canyon.
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  6. 🏄🏽 in Lima, Peru
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  7. 🍻 in Barcelona, Spain
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  8. ⛵️ in Cartagena, Colombia
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  9. 🎂 brother's 21st birthday in universal studios, FL.
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  10. Attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi, Kenya and then doing a safari with 20 hot CIA agents. 👌🏼
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  11. #SHADY East Hampton, NY @hillary
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  12. Gas station with biggest selection of everything in Atlanta, Georgia
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  13. Bonfires In Bumblefuck, Vermont
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  14. fake Walmart, middle of nowhere, Mexico
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  15. beach house, Mancora, Peru
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  16. Chicago, IL
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  17. New Years in a box in Miami, FL
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  18. The telescope on second avenue, NY
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  19. My bed, New York
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