Because we've all wondered...
  1. Jurassic Parks and Recreation
    Leslie Knope works tirelessly to fill an unsightly out behind the velociraptor habitat.
  2. Shawshank Redemption Song
    Unbeknownst to him, Bob Marley helps Andy Dufresne escape from prison.
  3. Men in Blackish
    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones kill off a whole family on network TV, mistaking them for a family of extra-terrestrials.
  4. The Office Space
    92 minutes of Michael Scott beating the shit out of a copy machine.
  5. Fresh Prince of Bel Airbud
    Carlton is replaced by an athletic dog.
  6. Big Phish
    Trey Anastasio goes on an adventure. Or does he?
  7. Rocky II and a Half Men
    Finally, that kid gets punched in the face.
  8. This is Where I Leave Usual Suspects
    A family reunites to sit shiva for their deceased father, Keyser Soze.
  9. Breaking Bad Santa
    That gangster character who kinda looks like Billy Bob Thorton in the last season of Breaking Bad is played by Billy Bob Thorton.
  10. The Imitation Game of Thrones
    To defeat the Germans, Benedict Cumberbatch joins forces with Peter Dinklage.