Simple ways to make the world a better place socially, politically and environmentally

  1. Don't throw away any organic food material
    Reintroduce it to the earth by way of garden fertilizer don't fill up landfills that do not let organic things decompose
  2. Use honey substitute sometimes
    Bees are important to life let's give them a break. I know honey is healthy and delicious.
  3. Recommend employees to management more for services
    Yes it is their job but your recommendation could make their day better. I was just at a supermarket ordering a sub. I realized that I have some particular requests and the guy went with it. I went to the manager and told him. The guy got a free sub.its small but we all deserve to feel recognized
  4. When arguing politics you need to understand the opposite sides point of view.
    As easy as it is to call them racist, sexist, fascist or any other negative ist. They have different experiences than you and they may have cogent points. No one is 100% right.
  5. Don't always use amazon
    We don't want to live in a world where there are no more stores to go to. I don't even understand how people buy clothes online