ranked in order of spookiest to least spookiest
  1. 1.
    guys they're literally dinosaurs waiting for their big comeback
  2. 2.
    going to australia & getting poisoned by literALLY ANYTHING THATS ALIVE
    even humans: all australian humans are poisonous
  3. 3.
    accidentally drawing a perfect circle
  4. 4.
    probably posting this list and no one approving of it
  5. 5.
    when people use the word 'spoopy'
    little overdone and S P O O K Y
  6. 6.
    having to tell a child santa isn't real
  7. 7.
    just skeletons in general
  8. 8.
    catching the flu this fall because i was too lazy to get a flu shot
  9. 9.
    2003 paris hilton
  10. 10.
    probably eating a sesame seed bagel in the wardroom without floss on hand
    it's risky and we all know why
  11. 11.
    admitting that i shopped at urban outfitters mid-conversation with anyone that attends the university of kings college
  12. 12.
    saying "yes" when a barista asks me if its "for here or to go"
  13. 13.
    auto-correct on my phone breaks and i accidentally look like an illiterate loser
  14. 14.
    jeb bush's cheeks
    so deceptive...
  15. 15.
    using too much bubble bath liquid and having to wait for the bubbles to dissipate
  16. 16.
    the kardashian family's existence
  17. 17.
    still not knowing how to play pool but also having to admit that i'm very uninterested in learning
  18. 18.
    westboro baptist church