I couldn't summarize 2015 right out of the gate cause some of it was still happening into 2016. Now, I feel more inclined to share.
  1. Did my first ever national tour.
    As part of a music festival I went to every year as a teen. As a professional and personal milestone, this was huge. Doing stand-up in a less than ideal environment during the day and going to any club/alt shows at night, if that town had them, made me feel bulletproof anytime I got on a regular comedy stage for quite a while. Also, tour buses > flying.
  2. Genre movies are at their best, awards season films are at their worst.
    So many good genre films this year: The Hateful Eight, Mission: Impossible, Creed, Mad Max, Inside Out. On the other hand, movies that were expected to be more critical darlings weren't (see: The Danish Girl). This is a generalization, as both sides have bad apples. But still, it's refreshing to see the change.
  3. Fell in love again and got my heart broken again.
    (To be clear, with the same person) It's weird to learn which parts of being alone I can jump back into comfortably and which parts are straight up brutal and is gonna take time to adjust. Luckily, I have great friends. And my ambition. And my sweet tooth. Speaking of, off to Yogurtland!
  4. Signed one NDA and took a verbal vow of silence on another project.
    I can't wait to talk about them in 2016!!!
  5. Spent only about a little more than half the year in L.A.
    Totaled about 4 months on the road! Los Angeles is still a city I love. But also, I love what I do.
  6. It's weird, to assign so much value to a year. I never think of it as a great year or a bad year. Really great things happened and some bad things happened too. I guess that means I'm doing it right?