31 Horror Movies to Watch This Month

Some are obvious choices, some aren't! One for each day though, baybee!
  1. Halloween (1978)
    Movies nowadays want to explain evil or understand it. Here's a movie that just presents it and still holds up doing so!
  2. Dawn of the Dead (1979)
    A satire on consumerism that, yes, still holds up. Also, it's scary that it's still so on point about said consumerism and it's practical effects still make it look gross when the zombies go to chow town on humans.
  3. Green Room
    Best movie of 2016 thus far.
  4. It Follows
    Effective and works as sexual allegory, without being too on the nose.
  5. The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
    A suburban family takes on a cannibal family in the desert. It's like watching The Joneses fight our caveman ancestors. Their gorgeous german shepherd gets some revenge too!
  6. Poltergeist
    A classic that was directed by Tobe Hooper, but really directed by Spielberg at the top of his game.
  7. Pieces
    The best of trash cinema. This movie has everything you want in one of the best of the worst. Try and watch it with friends if you can, group viewings were made for movies like this.
  8. The House of the Devil
    Ti West is great, The Innkeepers is also a great movie of his, but here, he has made a true grindhouse homage without the cheekiness most modern movies have about it.
  9. Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning
    The only one where a Jason imposter is the killer and it feels more like a low budget indie than a franchise movie. It's kinda boring, but it has more personality than the others.
  10. From Dusk Till Dawn
    Equal parts heist/hostage and vampire movie, both parts work well thanks to Tarantino's trademark dialogue and Robert Rodriguez's stylistic direction.
  11. Demons
    Italian zombie film that is schlocky as fuck, but also oddly atmospheric. It makes zero sense, but is super fun beginning to end.
  12. The Abominable Dr. Phibes
    Vincent Price's best performance in one of the best revenge horror movies ever made.
  13. Cat People (1982)
    A remake by Paul Schrader that brings his psychosexual trademarks to a horror tragedy.
  14. The Descent
    Like From Dusk Tilm Dawn, it works as a slow burn expedition film, then turns into cannibal survival. Claustrophobic from beginning to end though!
  15. Slumber Party Massacre
    The ultimate slasher satire that takes Laura Mulvey and Carol Clover's essays on the male gaze and the final girl into one of my favorite movies.
  16. The Sentinel
    Not a good movie, really, but a something weird and couldn't really exist today. But the few times I've seen it, it's fascinating to watch so many big names in such a spectacular failure.
  17. Suspiria
    Dario Argento's best movie. Period.
  18. The Fury
    Brian DePalma's follow up to Carrie is similar in a lot of ways. It's more flawed, but still a lot of fun and the way the bad guy gets dispatched at the end is the best.
  19. The Shining
    I mean....
  20. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
    The best horror-slapstick comedy hybrid that is as surreal as it is scary as it is funny.
  21. Wes Craven's New Nightmare
    Scream before Scream. The ultimate meta horror movie.
  22. Bad Taste
    Peter Jackson's best horror movie that's as funny as it is gross.
  23. Let Me In
    Just as good as Let the Right One In. A beautiful movie that's moving and scary.
  24. The Return of The Living Dead
    One word: FUN!!!!
  25. Wolf Creek
    One of the best tourists in a foreign land style horror flicks with a scary villain who feels real as fuck.
  26. My Bloody Valentine (1980)
    A blue collar slasher movie that is pretty unique in its premise of miners being picked off (pun very much intended), also the best holiday themed horror movie.
  27. The Cabin in the Woods
    It's not blatantly meta, but it's a hilarious take on playing with cinematic tropes in horror movies that questions art the way Craven did in New Nightmare
  28. The Silence of the Lambs
    I mean...
  29. The Thing (1982)
    John Carpenter's best behind Halloween
  30. Black Christmas (1974)
    The first real slasher movie, but it wasn't bound by genre rules yet, as evidenced by the ending.
  31. The Others
    One of the best ghost stories that was overshadowed by The Sixth Sense, even though it came out two years later. The twist is more emotionally resonant here, rather than just a tactic.