One of the best shows of the year. Even in February, I can confidently say that!
  1. The first episode could be a self-contained movie
    There's obviously no ambiguity to the show's stance on OJ's guilt. If this was a movie, there's still plenty leading up to the Bronco chase that could have been included, making a feature length movie that already tells us so much about the celebrity crimes, racial tension, and police procedure vs. lawyers.
  2. Johnny Cochran
    He even thought OJ was going to lose at first! Holyfuckingshit!
  3. Sarah Paulson
    This is the best performance of the show and easily one of the best performances of the year. Emmy. Golden Globe. Give her an Oscar somehow.
  4. Rodney King
    I was young, but I still remember the Bronco chase and the verdict. However, I was too young to see the correlation and time frame of Rodney King and OJ. An older friend of mine recalled an episode of Politically Incorrect where Levar Burton discusses this exact thing as a factor in the case.
  5. Salacious vs. Serious
    The show has this distance between its characters and its tone that I love. When the show tiptoes seriousness with prime time soap sleaze, it's when Ryan Murphy is at his best (see: Nip/Tuck and Glee).
  6. The Kardashians
    Schwimmer is great, I'm curious to see how much more we'll see of Selma Blair or their daughters. It's crazy how close they were to this and how it must seem like a lifetime ago to them as well, since they've rebuilt and in this day and age (and for lack of a better word), rebranded.
  7. John Travolta
    His performance is as weird as reviews have suggested. Part of me wonders if that's the point, since he is the embodiment of a Hollywood attorney.
  8. Cuba Gooding Jr.
    Probably the hardest performance because he has to be layered, yet ambiguous. He's had a pretty lowkey career in the past decade but he's back and in peak form.